Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still here everyone...

Sorry I haven't managed to post anything now for quite some time. All the result of lots of travel to various scientific meetings -- including one fascinating event on non-equilibrium economics -- and a MAD effort to get my book done on time. Deadline is effectively NOW!!!!!

So I haven't been able to afford any time to blog. But I will be posting more soon. And I have Bloomberg pieces appearing once a month (with one due out now in the next couple of days).

Meanwhile, Satajit Das has an excellent deconstruction of a recent article in The Economist that could (may?) have been written by the financial industry itself, arguing why financial innovation is indeed such a wonderful thing, making the world more prosperous, stable, etc (have you heard that before?).


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    PS. can you provide us with some details about the "fascinating event on non-equilibrium economics"? many thanks.

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